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Born Ramon Ramirez in Manhattan N. Y. raised in the boogie down Bronx at the age of nine years-old is when I started learning how to D. J. by watching other D. J's at the school yard jams. At the age of twelve is when I was given my first turntables by DJ Master C. I learned how to mix and scratch by watching other DJ's such as DJ KOOL HERK,GRAND MASTER FLASH,AND GRAND MASTER THEODORE. I grew up in the same neighborhood as hip hop pioneer Special K from the group The Treacherous Three and T-La Rock who is known for the famous hit " It's Yours" Some of the Clubs I worked at were Disco Fever, Skate Key, Devil's Nest, and The Savoy Manor including the Park side Plaza are just a few of the early beginnings of some of the clubs that I started djing for. While accompanying local artist to the recording studio D.J.Pee discovered his ability to create and compose tracks or beats as it is called in his frequent visit to studio sessions it didn't take long for D.J.Pee to develop and master his skill at creating tracks. During this time he began focusing on collaborating with artist. Artist such as Myzery who was discovered by the Insane Clown Posse listening to D.J.Pee's tracks and Myzery's rhythmic skills, Myzery quickly had his deal with Psychopathic Records. D.J.Pee also worked with artist such as Lazy Bone from the group Bone Thugs and Harmony and the first hip hop group to win an Oscar 3 Six Mafia, The Dirty Face Angels, T-Bone, and Tony Tone who is now known as T.O.N.E.-Z, D.J.Pee got a production deal with T.O.N.E.-Z on Swirl World Record approximately eight years ago then Recorded a music video titled Si Te Cojo Te Mojo(If I Get You I'll Wet You) from recording that song D.J.Pee had a lot of exposure do to the many interviews and video music shows. During his career D.J.Pee has been able to travel to such places as California, Florida,Detroit,and abroad places such as Puerto Rico,and also England Etc...To open up for a lot of hip hop and R&B concerts and to produce a lot of artist in the music industry. D.J.PEE LEFT THE MUSIC SCENE FOR A WHILE BUT D.J.PEE IS BACK AND HUNGRY FOR THE MUSIC SCENE ONCE AGAIN. SO BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR SOME HOT BEATS, NEW GROUPS AND ARTISTS THAT D. J.PEE WILL BE PRODUCING FOR....